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Cookie Dough Whoopie Pies

28 Nov

Did you collect anything when you were a kid? I was the queen of collections. To give you an idea, I collected rocks from our driveway (kids have simple minds), postage stamps (those things are maybe worth some money now…), Precious Moments figurines, and, best of all, Lisa Frank stickers. For all you roughly 20-to-30-something year-old ladies out there: REMEMBER LISA FRANK??

Lisa Frank stickers were the best because they were ultimate girly. Rainbow colors, butterflies, ponies, and I don’t even remember what else. And stickers, wow. Imagine the profits the Lisa Frank company was making on stickers. Stickers: tiny pieces of colorful, glossy paper with an adhesive back, marked up 300%. Maybe I should get into the sticker business.

Until that day, however, I’ll stay in the cookie business. (And by business, I do not mean to imply that I actually have a cookie business; rather, I just make a lot of them.)

This is another quality recipe from The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook. I’d never even made whoopie pies before, but I’d always wanted to. So naturally, cookie dough whoopie pies seemed like a great place to start.

These are great sandwich cookies because the cookie halves are soft, chocolaty, and cake-like. And the cookie dough center? Can’t go wrong with that.

Stir together your dry ingredients. Get the egg, oil, milk, and vanilla ready.

Make a well in the center of your dry ingredients and add the milk, oil, beaten egg, and oil.

Mix together until dough is all moistened and no large lumps remain. The mixture should look like thick cake batter (and taste like it too!).

Using a tablespoon-sized scoop, portion cookie batter onto a Silpat-lined cookie sheet.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until cookies are set. Let cool for a few minutes on the pan before removing to a wire rack to cool completely. They’ll look like rounded, fluffy cake cookies.

Start mixing up your cookie dough filling by beating your brown sugar and butter until light and fluffy.

Add the rest of your ingredients, and lastly, sprinkle in those chocolate chips.

The perfect filling.

Throw a dollop of cookie dough filling between two whoopie pie halves, and mush them together lightly until the filling reaches the edges.

Admire your handiwork, and share with others if you’re feeling generous. (more…)