About Me

Hi, friends. I’m Adrianne and this is my baking blog. I like to bake, I like to show off, and I like to eat, so this is my way of killing three birds with one stone. (How innocent birds suddenly got hurt in this endeavor, I know not.) My real goal is to enjoy food together. I promise to bring you some of my favorite recipes and to let you watch as I learn new ones. I pride myself on comfort food, so I hope these recipes bring you some. I’m open to recipe suggestions and life lessons. Please stop by often.

I’ve gotten a lot of comments begging to know what camera I use and how I get such incredibly high-quality pictures. I wanted a camera specifically made for taking pictures of food. A camera so tailored to everyday food blogging that you might as well throw it away if you miss a single day of blogging. Trust me, folks, that is not an easy find! But, alas, I found it. So what’s my secret weapon? The iPhone camera. Now let me tell you about some of the features. It comes equipped with a zoom lens. Have you ever heard of that?!? You can actually hold your camera in one place but get closer to the object you’re photographing. When you zoom, the picture gets grainier, which I think looks totally vintage and hipster. Furthermore, there’s a flash. For those of you not familiar with a flash, it has the uncanny ability to add more light to brighten up your pictures. (Whoa—technology alert!) Hope this info helps in your search to find the absolute best food camera.

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