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Mother’s Day Cinnamon Rolls

12 May

This is me and my mom circa 1993. Honestly, she hasn’t aged a day. (She’ll tell you otherwise, but it’s simply not true.) She still has that radiant smile and silky, luminous dark hair. She still listens to me talk for hours on end. She still rubs my temples when I have a headache, and she still brings me ginger ale and a piece of buttered toast when I have a tummy ache. She still loves to take care of me, and I still love to let her.

If I were at home this year for Mother’s Day, you’d better believe I’d be up at 5 a.m. to make these cinnamon rolls for my mom. They are her favorite, and she always begs me to make some when I’m visiting. Instead, I made them for myself, and I’m torturing her with the pictures. (That’s almost as satisfying, right?)

Let’s make these in honor of our moms this year. You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy when you’re eating them.

Sprinkle yeast into warm water. Let it get all foamy.

Whisk to dissolve the yeast.

In another bowl, combine the butter, pudding mix, milk, egg, sugar, and salt. Then add the yeast mixture.

Mix in 2 cups of flour.

Knead with the dough hook and form into a ball.

Let rise until doubled.

Roll it out into a big rectangle.

Spread with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Roll it up like a jelly roll.

Cut into 16 pieces.

Let them rise in the pan, and bake.

Meanwhile, whip up some light cream cheese frosting.

Spread it all over the gooey rolls. Eat your heart out. (more…)

Weekend Challenge: Hamburger Buns

28 Apr

In a lot of ways, I still feel like a 12-year-old girl. I still think, act, and even kinda look like a 12-year-old girl. One of the most obvious manifestations of my preteen-ness is my choice in movies. I still love those sappy, fairy tale, falling-in-love chick flicks.

After weeks and weeks of anticipation, I began begging Ryan to go and see The Lucky One with me. (For those of you not up to speed on this movie, it has Zac Efron in it—total teen heartthrob.) Ryan wasn’t caught off guard because he is very well aware of my taste in movies. He tried to convince me to ask one of my girl friends to go see it with me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to muster the courage. I could think of at least five girl friends who would politely decline (and internally roll their eyes and think less of me).

In the end, he consented to see it with me. It was pretty standard sap. Nothing out of the ordinary. Translation: I loved it.