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Roast Pork

22 Aug

Somehow I keep reading articles that point to my imminent, impending death. For example, I stumbled upon “5 Foods That Can Trigger a Stroke” and before realizing what the article was really about, I was getting hungry for some of my all-time favorite foods: bacon, doughnuts, red meat, chips, you get the idea. (You’re welcome for adding the link for your fearful viewing pleasure.)

Health concerns freak me out. It seems like no matter how healthy you try to be, you will die  YOU WILL DIE because of something you could’ve done better. (My original intention was not to turn this post into a morbid one, but, alas.)

One of my absolute weaknesses is steak. I love me a hunk-a-good steak done medium, thankyouverymuch. I especially love it because I can’t seem to make it at home as delicious as restaurants can, so it feels extra special to order it when I’m eating out.

This recipe for roast pork is a fantastic alternative to the red meat dilemma. It’s just as delicious and tender as a good steak, and it makes a large enough portion to serve at a holiday dinner or to save some leftovers.

I’ve been eating this roast pork since I was a kid at my abuelita’s house. It’s a classic meat served with Puerto Rican holiday meals. So enjoy, from my family to yours.

The day before cooking, mix together your marinade of vinegar, oil, garlic, oregano, and salt.

Score the meat in diagonal diamond shapes.

Rub the marinade onto the pork and into the grooves. Marinate in the refrigerator overnight or at least for a few hours before cooking.

Cook on low heat for a few hours, testing the doneness with a meat thermometer. (more…)

Alfredo Pasta with Chicken and Veggies

4 May

One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure. I recently learned that you can make mushrooms out of used coffee grounds. Have you heard about this? Seriously. This is for real.

I don’t recommend expecting your used coffee grounds to start miraculously transforming into mushrooms now that you’ve read this. It takes a little more involvement, but not much.

That intro was just a teaser. This is not a how-to on growing your own mushrooms. Personally, I don’t like mushrooms. But you might. Here’s a recipe full of vegetables (mushrooms, even, if you so choose), chicken, and pasta. This is a low-key, no fuss, quick meal you can throw together whenever you feel like it.  (more…)

Basic Chili

1 May

My husband likes to tell people I’m a gamer. It’s highly embarrassing. (And totally not true!) When pressed on why I’m a gamer, he’ll say it’s because I play Scrabble on my phone. That’s right, Scrabble. Totally not a gamer game. Right?

Some things you’re just not supposed to do. Then again, it is pretty funny.

There are things you’re supposed and not supposed to do when it comes to food. I think that can be pretty silly. You know how everyone thinks you’re supposed to eat summer food in the summer and winter food in the winter? Well sometimes I’m craving a strawberry shortcake in January, and other times I’m craving a bowl of steaming chili in May. I give you permission to cozy up with this chili one spring, summer, fall,  or winter day.


Chicken Quesadillas

24 Apr

Yesterday I ate a delicious gourmet meal Hot Pocket. I considered doing a post on how to make a Hot Pocket. No, not a Hot Pocket from scratch, just a regular, old frozen one you pop in the microwave for 2 minutes.

You would think that because I love to cook and bake that I eat 5-course feasts 3 times a day, but a more realistic picture is me eating a whole loaf of banana bread throughout the day and nibbling on a Hot Pocket or cereal or a bag of salad to fill in the cracks.

These chicken quesadillas are almost as easy as a Hot Pocket. OK, they’re not frozen, and you do need to briefly use the stove and oven, but you can consider them a better alternative to those Hot Pockets in your freezer.


Sausage Polenta

4 Apr

Here’s the deal with this dish: It’s super easy and super tasty, so you should make it for dinner. (Bossy, much? Nah.) I don’t buy a whole lot of Italian sausage, but after I eat this, I always wonder why I’m not. So much tastier than plain Jane ground beef or boneless, skinless, everythingless chicken breasts, but I rarely buy it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m right there with you buying pound after pound of ground beef and chicken breast week after week (and I doubt anything will change that in the foreseeable future), but let’s switch it up today! (more…)

Beef Empanadas

4 Apr

The first time I ever had empanadas, my brother-in-law, Justin, whipped them up. He learned how to make them while living in Argentina serving a two-year mission for our church. I greedily ate them up, one after the other, until I felt quite full and a little sick. But good sick. Trust me. I had them not long after Justin and my sister were married, and so naturally I assumed that he should make them for me every time I saw him. I didn’t realize at the time all the work he put into them. All I knew was that they were the best snack/dinner/anything and everything meat pockets I’d had up to that point. (more…)